Key Commands in ARA mode acting pesky

Yes, that’s what it’s like, I’m afraid.

When using SL in ARA mode in Cubase or Nuendo, and with SL in focus, the key commands don’t function.
If e.g. I use Cmd-z for undo SL will not undo but I will get thrown out of SL, like if I was in Cubase and used an undo command.
The same if I have a selection in SL and use Backspace to erase the selected area, SL will close down and the actual event i Cubase will be erased, as if I have Backspaced in Cubase.
And so on.

It’s like SL doesn’t communicate with Cubase and tell which app actually is in focus.

When using other ARA Extensions, like Melodyne, the key commands work fine, as expected.

Clicking the corresponding menu items work.
In the standalone version of SL the key commands work.

Cubase Pro 12, Nuendo 12, SpectraLayers 9.
MacOS 12.6

Noone that can confirm?
Am I the only one?
If so, what do I do wrong?

I have the same issue, I’ve just been working around it. Same OS etc.

There’s a new update 9.20 released an hour ago

Thanks for answering!
Then the next question is how do we fix this? Seems like different softwares handle the ARA protocol in different ways when it comes to key commands.
@Robin_Lobel, any opinion, tips or advice?

Doesn’t adress this issue, I’m afraid. I’ve tried it.

Hi, yes that issue comes and goes depending on the host and host version…
SL properly takes key commands through the VST/ARA protocol, but not all host properly transfer it to SL, and I’ve had varying experiences with different versions of Cubase and Cubase updates…
Those other plugins that gets all key commands run their own key event loop in parallel to the VST key protocol.
I’ll see what can be improved in that area, I need to check with the Cubase team.

Thank you for your answer Robin!
Hoping you will solve this annoying issue.