Key commands in Dorico 4.3 for Key Editor zooming

Just a quick heads up that in the 4.3 version history on p 11, there is a minor typo re: key commands for zooming in the Key Editor in 4.3 (on the Mac):

Zoom in/out horizontally — G/H respectively (you can’t use shift but you can use caps lock)
Zoom in/out vertically — Shift-Cmd-G/H respectively

Also, there is an inconsistency with changing the rhythmic grid resolution of the Key Editor. In Play Mode, Ctrl-Left Arrow/Right arrow, will change the grid resolution. These commands will not work in Write Mode. However, Option-left bracket/right bracket will work to change rhythmic grids in both Play and Write Modes. In Write mode, it changes the grid based on where the focus is. When focused on notation, it changes that grid resolution; when focused on the piano roll, it changes the Key Editor.

When we write G and H as shortcuts, we mean those keys on their own, not with Shift. When you have to hold down Shift as well, we specify that.

I believe your Ctrl+left/right shortcuts are your own custom ones, and not ones that we have created ourselves, for what it’s worth.

Thanks, Daniel

Re: G and H: If shift changes function, it might be less confusing if letters were written in lower case when lower case : g h In this case a capital G has another function, namely to start figured bass input.

You are correct. Ctrl left/right are my own shortcuts. However, the key editor zoom in/out vertically commands (Shift-Cmd G/H on Mac) are factory commands. The version history sb corrected as far as the Mac (at least) is concerned.

PS I’m very grateful that there are now key commands for zooming in the Key Editor!

I’m afraid it’s completely standard that single-key shortcuts are always written in upper case. Take a look at your keyboard – I’d be willing to bet the letters are written in upper case on there!