Key commands incomplete?


New to Dorico, much to love, much to learn. I downloaded the quick reference card (QRC), and several key codes shown there did not work in my version (latest). I reset them in the preferences panel to reflect the QRC, however noticed that some of the items mentioned there do not appear in the menu, e.g. “stop tuplets”. Is there a way to add this, ot to access the option? OR is this something that needs to be addressed by the developers? Thanks! Sebastian

In key command prefs under note input there is the option end tuplet input.
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Thank you so much! I was looking for the word “stop” and it didn’t occur to me to look for “end”. Coming from Sibelius, I have to get used to the way the manual is organized. Another question: How do I properly select a section of music with everything included (time signature changes etc.) and insert that elsewhere, similar how to Sibelius handles this? I’m following previous advice but I’m obviously missing something.


Never mind—I figured it out with some trial and error… With the selection tool I need to make sure everything is highlighted/copied, then insert for all players. That did the trick.

Thanks again!

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Don’t try to find parallel methods for things. Dorico works very differently to Sibelius.

Anything that is selected can be copied to a new location. You can use the System Track to select everything; or drag a rectangle; or click and Shift click between two spots.


If one wants to select a section of music by selecting with a marquee or SHIFT+Clicking, be sure to use a layout containing all the staves/players.

Also, it’s still not clear why you didn’t have the default key commands.

However, I think there may be issues with certain international keyboard layouts.

Thanks to all for weighing in! I have been able to correct all the keycodes to match the ones on the QRC, so it’s all good. I’m actually getting up and running way faster than I expected. Have been using Sibelius for the past 17 years, so a certain workflow is deeply embedded. So far I love the much simpler keycodes and key-command based input in Dorico and the separation between writing and engraving.