Key commands issue in 8.0.10

I have just upgraded to C8.0.10

I have tons of issues mainly with mouse and keyboard

-can not change paning with click+drag (only able to use the scroll wheel to change values)
-same with the faders in the mixer view
-can not select multiple objects in arrange window
-can not shift+click to select tracks for grouping

Who knows what else-things I haven’t tried

Anyone know this?
I have used same logitech wireless keyboard and mouse and never had any problems…
Help! :blush:

I’ve been using the update with near no problems. I checked your list out on my system and its fine here.
Hope you get it sorted out. I’ve had peculiar behavior to my system with cubase that lasted years, but all recently have been sorted out with updates/upgrades since C7

Good luck

It is weird…but it has something to do with function keys on the wireless keyboard…never experienced this before

So, I have changed the wireless keyboard.
When I start the fresh project,
Everything works, until I open the mixer F3 or from the menu.
This is when the things start behaving erratic.
After this, I can no loger do the things mentioned above.

Don’t use wireless keyboard and mouse.I did once and never again only troubles.