Key Commands/Macro: Allow 'Undo' to be used in macros

Not sure why this command can’t be added to a macro?

I have to admit, you have me totally curious about the scenario that you’re wanting to implement.

Because on first thought it would seem that an undo would just effectively wipe out the prior command you had in your macro. And that in turn, would beg the question why you would then have that prior command in the macro in the first place.

The undo as the first command is theoretically sensible, but also not entirely intuitive to me what the scenario is, that you’re envisioning.

Or are you thinking of a macro with several undo’s in a row?

it was to create a cut and nudge command that would use the original position of the unedited (undo) event

-Cut Head
-Locate Selection Start
-Move Selection to Cursor

But I found a work around using Copy and Paste Relative to Cursor and then delete, to get the cursor position.

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Keyboard Maestro will solve that and many other things that cubase has limitation for when it comest to macros and key commands

Keyboard Maestro 9.1: Work Faster with Macros for macOS . it look complicated but it isn’t when you learn it. its cheap but can a lot.

I’m on Windows but thanks

you can try Soundflow .same ,better workflow but more expensive

I think the proper way to solve this function is that useful state have a stack. So when doing things or curses etc you push the do your thing and then pop them back. But then it start to be more like a computer language, so why not start to use python for advance macros and remote control functions?

Also mac only I think