Key Commands Map doesn't appear to work

I’ve been trying to input some custom key commands, but it seems that the interactive Key Commands Map that opens in my browser isn’t updating. Am I correct in thinking this - or am I missing something?

It doesn’t update in real time when you make changes in the Key Commands page of Preferences, but if you choose Help > Key Commands again, you’ll then see the updated shortcuts.

Thanks. I can see this working now. I had been using the ± § key to test this, and it doesn’t actually work on the keyboard map - though it does show up if you use the search field. I had grown accustomed to using this key in Logic, as a temporary test, since so many other keys in Logic are already defined. Clearly there’s a problem with this particular key which appears to be unique to the UK English keyboard. I’ll use something more meaningful in future - like “E” for “Edit”.

Also, it seemed convenient as Start Note Input it’s right underneath the esc key which is the Stop Note Input key.