Key commands menu weird bugs

“Remove Key Command” doesn’t work on the function called “Delete Left”, I don’t know why… I ended up adding 4 different key commands and being unable to remove them. Furthermore, I’m know unable to use anymore that function, even with backspace key. I must precise I use the french keyboard language option.

By the way, I can’t enter the tabulation key as a key command. Is there a way to do so?


have you tried to reset the key commands, to get rid of the 4 different commands you added by accident?

I didn’t try because I don’t want to reset all my custom key commands…

A similar bug was reported here:

The bug that you reported back on 20 October, Dave, was fixed in Dorico 1.0.10.

My bad. I did check every bug I reported and it seemed that one wasn’t fixed. Sorry bout that.