Key commands multiple mixers

I can’t figure out how to make key commands with 2 keys for the mixers or configurations in key command dialog Editmenu > key commands .
I’m trying to set up:
Mixer 1 = F3, Mixer 2 = F3+2, Mixer 3 = F3+3, mixer 4 = F3+4.
Configurations: c+1, c+2, c+3 etc…

Also how do you add 2 different or multiple keys for a command? I tried entering the F3 key the + sign and then then #2, tried F3 / 2. have no idea how to enter 2 keys for a key command. I have only done it with 1 key. Need a real simple step by step procedure. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Cubase doesn’t do key commands like that.

Unfortunately, that’s not really possible without using an external application like AHK or similar.

Here’s what you can do.

  • You can assign one unique key for each mixer: For example F3 is mixconsole 1, Shift F3 is mixconsole 2, Ctrl F3 is mixconsole 3, Ctrl Shift F3 is mixconsole 4.

  • In key commands, category “Channel & Track Visibility”, you will find 8 commands: Visibility Configuration 1, up to Visibility Configuration 8. (let’s assign these to Ctrl Alt 1-8)

So, when you need to apply configuration 4 to mixer 3, you would hit Ctrl F3, and then Ctrl Alt 4. If you hit F3 Ctrl Alt 4, you would call the 4th configuration on mixer 1.

I can see the merit of having this kind of context sensitive key commands, like in your first post. There has been a request for it, I have even voted for it, but I’m guessing it’s not really probable that we’ll ever see it. For the time being, this is the way to do it.

You could, (if you have 32 keys to spare on your keyboard, or 32 buttons on a midi controller) make each of these commands into a macro, e.g. instead of manually hitting F3, Ctrl Alt 1 to call the first visibility configuration of mixer one, you could assign this to only one key that did both (through a macro). And have 8 of them for mixconsole 1, another 8 for mixconsole 2, etc etc, making them 32 buttons that directly call the visibility configuration. It’s up to you to decide if this is worth the trouble or not.

(Personally, I would go for 12 controller buttons. 4 for the mixconsoles, and 8 for the visibility configurations, and just tap them real quick. Key commands are great, but when modifiers have to be used all the time, tying my hand into a knot, eh, it’s not really fun anymore, not for constant heavy use)

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Wow! ggmanestraki your excellent detailed reply is soooo helpful. Thank you!!!

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