Key Commands no longer supported in 10

A command using CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+Num 1 Does not work in Cubase 10. This is specific to Cubase 10. In Cubase 9.5 I can have the command CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+Num 1. In 10 it does not work.


What function is assigned to? Can you assign the Key Command to other function? Is it possible to assign different Key Command to the function?

Yes from version to version hot keys are changed sometimes, go to Edit->key commands, find your functionality and check its new combination.

Yes I had to change it to CTRL+ALT+Num 1 in order to use this particular function. It’s silly that it won’t let me assign CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+Num 1 to this particular function. It’s as if they removed support for 3 modifier keys for whatever reason in Cubase 10, or it was just an oversight.

I was trying to assign CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+Num 1 to “Transport - Locators to Selection” but it won’t let me. It will however let me assign CTRL+ALT+Num 1


It works to me here.