Key Commands Overview as HTML Page

Does this only work in Windows? I have tried it in a couple of different browsers in osx and all I get is the source code of the page. Sorry if I am missing something obvious.

cool, thanks!

Select all the code and paste it into an txt editor and save as html file.

Thanks Peakae. I tried that with both Textedit and Smultron, and tried to open in Safari, iCab, and Firefox to open but still just shows page source.

Probably MacOS is hiding the filename suffix, so it appears to be .html, but is actually .html.txt

Same for me in Win 10/Firefox…


Thanks Steve. That wasn’t it, but it gave me a clue. Text Edit doesn’t save in plain text anymore as far as I can see (only rtf), so I was just re-saving it as html thinking WYSIWYG. Nope. Had to copy the text from Text Edit into Smultron to remove all the extra stuff and save it there. That worked.

Thanks to fese. It looks great!

Btw, if anyone wants the stripped down txt file, here it is. Maybe it will help you Magnus.
Key (1.89 KB)

Very handy. Thanks, Fese!

Thanks for this! For any Mac users, found the default key commands file here:

Right-click the Cubase app file (in the Applications folder) -> Show Package Contents
Navigate to: Contents -> presets -> Key Commands -> default.xml

Copy the default.xml file to another location. Then you can point the html utility to the location you copied it to, to open it.

I made a custom key commands file and can’t find it. Anyone know where it is stored? It doesn’t show up in the above folder.

This is very cool! Thanks for doing this.

It’s in the User/Library/Preferences/Cubase 9.5 folder - in Presets.

Thank you very much !

Thank you for that!

Great!!! Thanks

Cool! Thanks! :slight_smile:

This appears to only show Key Commands that have a shortcut assigned.
There are a lot more Key Commands that are unassigned.

Is there a way to display all the Key Commands in a sortable table with their category and shortcut (blank when unassigned)?
That way we could sort by Category or by Shortcut and easily determine what keys are unassigned rather than using the “try assigning until you succeed” method.

Please read the beginning of this thread.

Aloha Steve,

I’ve read the entire thread a couple times but when I use the page to display my “Key Commands.xml” file, I only get a page showing Commands that have shortcut keys assigned.

What did I miss in this thread?


That that is all it does?

The xml file you submit only has info about the assigned keys, it doesn’t know anything about unassigned keys. The OP is reformatting the xml into something more human readable.

I was thinking about that too.

If allowing to save as CVT, as comma separated file we could load in Excel or similar spread sheet and enjoy sorting on any column.
Even Google has a service for spread sheet I used a short while, for those not having a spread sheet.

Thanks to fese for his effort with this, really looked for that fixing a list of the commands.