Key commands, preferences disappeared

Recently, I lost few times settings and key commands. Very annoying.
And it’s very odd, cause there is no files in Appdata directory. They just disappeared. I’m not sure how it happened first and second time, but the last one it happened after short power out. Still - it’s very sudden behaviour - loose files with key commands and preferences.

Not the same, but similar - may be connected. I very often loose my Control Room presets - sometimes Control Room just like that resets to default and all my CR presets are gone. I had to backup presets folder/file - and each time this w I have to recreate my CR presets from backup folder. Very, very annoying.

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Do you have safe start appear before launch Cubase ?

mmm, no. Could it help somehow?

I had a similar problem, but it had to do with cubase crashing. It was solved by updating Windows (Net.Framework & etc)

I had the same issue! Already read and saw hours of videos and tryed many things and didn’t solve anything.

I’ve been saving my preferences on the daw presets and i’ve also been salving the whole profile file with the profile manager. Out of the blue it’s having touble loading my profile. There’s no error popup. Just starts without loading any of the settings, presets and tabs.

Backing up previous versions of my Saved Profiles, some of them are working and are loaded just fine. Then trying to start from it, and giving sequence to personalize and saving versions, always happens the same, for no reason. Even some times where I just save a copy of a working profile, sometimes it will never open again ending in the same situation - all the preferences and shortkeys lost

I’m under the impression that the issue is one of the configurations or preferences stored in the profile (and or presets) that is causing the bug (pheraphs when it tries to load this specific preference) preventing all the profiles (including the presets saved in the cubase will not show up for loading).

This is just not professional programing, gentlemen! Even backing up replacing the profiles/presets files from the folder itself and reinstalling clean from scratch loading the profile / presets files does not work.

i really love cubase so much, but this bugs are breaking my heart lol! i always think they’ll better the stability and from-nowhere bugs in the next versions, but until Cubase 13 it’s worse than never.
This kind of catastrophic bugs happen often, for no reason, and they are often hard or impossible to solve… I’ll end up changing to studio one after over 15+ years working in cubase (better than starting from scratch praying for it to never happen again until a new bug comes up)

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Very sad and truthful comment.

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Updating - SOLUTION

I could get the preferences to save with no fail with this procedure:
Through try and error, it worked in all situations to me so far… following this procedure

Using only the Profile Manager and the Profile files! (ignoring the use of the presets of everything - using only the profile as the master of all presets)

  • If you never use the presets (ex: Channel tab preset, and other) and only the profile manager file it will work. You change what you want, and save only in the profile manager.
  • When you want to export, you double it in the profile manager (if you want go to the folder to copy the file as backup). Curiously, other method sometimes failed
  • When you close and open the cubase, it will save the changes you make (with no presets “formally” loaded, even though the changes were made). In this situation you will be able to save even the presets (ex: commands, tabs, preferences). What seems to make the bug be triggered is the presence of a preset within the profile it seems. So when you load the preset, but you close it and open again, you will have that preset alterations, but you will see that the combobox of the preset in use (any one of them) will be null “-”. In this situation you can save your profile and won’t lose it either

Hope it works. So far, so good to me. Problem solved
Only the graphic glitches remain (at least it does not compromise the quality of the audio processing, so i can live with it.
The problems with scaling of some paramount plugins windows (ex: izotope plugins which i use very often) is manageble although unpleasant with the HidPi settings in the prefferences)
(PS: i rarelly use midi, so i can’t argue with that)

Hmm… I had profiles, but unfortunately nothing changes when I choose some of them. Key commands still absent. Also I use presets, if it affect somehow

Profiles have never worked for me. Every time I’ve tried, it completely wipes my prefs. There needs to be a SAVE button. Not just trust the export. No way to get my prefs back. Also, an auto save on prefs would be a good idea. If anyone has been able to go back and fans where their prefs are after a profile save/change, please let us know!