Key Commands & Prefrences

Hy there,
I have a bunch of key commands and prefrences that I alwasys importer from previous versions.
I cannot see the file extensions for the respective files in the import command.

Any advise, please?

I really need them and they are too many to make them again by hand. I wouldn’t know where to start, again!

What previous version are you importing from?
What is the file extension of the files you are referring to?
Where within Cubase are you attempting to import the files?

You don’t use any import command. Just copy the files to the correct folder.

Thanks for the link. You’d think a new install would do this automatically, or ask you if you wanted to copy your previous settings. :frowning:

In previous Cubase versions I COULD in fact open the saved files from withing the program…

After assiduous search… which pissed me OFF again… Because Steinberg is NOT ABLE to make things eassier when they can and it is SO EASY… I had to actually LOSE time again and open many folders and copy some files LOOSING precious TIME OF MY LIFE… When I pay for a LICENSED SOFTWARE to make my life EASIER…
I HOPE Steinberg GETS IT…

So here is the SOLUTION… .

For the Prefrecenes: you have to go to :
C:\Users" YOUR USER NAME "\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 8.5_64\Presets\

Where you can find both “presets” in CONFIGURATIONS and… Key Comands… . and manually copy them in your

C:\Users\ " YOUR USER NAME "\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64\Presets —> to their respective folders…

The same with the LOWER Zone in the Cubase 9 -

I have 4 monitors - SO… I don’t need the LOWER zones… AT ALL…
Where can I deactivate IT for GOOD?
When I click on a wave clip I want the editor to open up on one of my screns and NOT on the LOWER zone…
Why I am forced to lose time to:

  • click on the wave
  • open in the lower zone
  • than open in the windowed editor on another MONITOR?
    I want to be able to directly OPEN in a separate WINDOW - i tried to set it up and had no success with this - please advise IF you know.

… and guys I swear to you, I am NOT a hater and not a troller… I just want things to be right especially when they are easy.


Does File /Profile manager help? I must admit I have not checked, but saving your personal profile is useful.

You can stop lower zone in prefs

Agree, the need to go into the folders on your hard disk is not always easy and it would be preferable if we never had to do this. In the manual it states that ‘when you are updating from Cubase 6 or higher, most of the customized settings of your previous installation are used for the new Cubase version’… so perhaps you were installing from an older version than 6.

But the lower zone behaviour is at least easy. You don’t have to use the lower zone. Just go to:
File / Preferences / Editors
and set up your editor behaviour as required.

Thanks for the above and as noted, the lower zones can be disabled in Preferences.
Preferences Editors.png
The installer should ask, “do you want to keep your previous settings?” or something like that. We shouldn’t have to bother with this. That said, I am glad for the forums and the user to user technical and creative support provided by them. I’d be lost without these forums.

I have it so that lower zone is only opened via the menu. I find it useful to have scores open in lower zone.

The “Preferences” in Cubase are one of the most opaque parts of the program for me. If it were not for the youtube videos and the forums, I’d be completely lost as to how to set the items and yet they are so critical to how the program works.

No my friend,
I installed 8.0 - 8.5 than imported ALL settings manually... than installed 9.0 and it DID NOT import ANYTHING...

Thanks..  for the input...

IS not a matter of hard or easy to find some folders… BUT… for the new stuff that we don’t know is a big time consumer. and that is more frustrating than opening some damn folders and copy stuff… when the software should do it for you.

We pay for a license and we pay for a software / product and a service to make out lives easier not harder and time consuming.
NOT to mention the ZERO support for users from Steinberg.
IF it wasn’t for the users on this forum we would all be “dead” or “killing” Steinberg…

Over the years I saw that Stenberg is intentionally letting users solve THEIR problems and very seldom they get behind a problem to actually fix it.