Key Commands? Saving and Recalling

Trying to save my old key commands in N4 to migrate them over to N5. I do the whole save song and dance and i cant see where its putting them nor can i select it in N5 to load. I’ve even searched the hard drive for .key extensionsions with no luck. I went thru windows explorer to find the folder, which i did, and its empty.

What gives?

Anyone have some insight here?


c:\Users[u]username[/u]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Nuendo 5\Presets\KeyCommands

Where will i find the saved preset for N4 that i want to migrate into N5?

In the same place, just look in the Nuendo 4 folder instead of in the Nuendo 5 folder.
I provided the location on a Win7 machine, for XP it’s slightly different.
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Actually, it’s simple to find out where the stuff is. Just create a KC preset called “test_me” or something and scan your C-drive for that file.



Thanks. I will give it a shot.

I actually already tried the trick you mentioned to search the C drive.
I named it a very unique name, and still could not find it. Odd.


Could you give me the specific location for my XP Pro machine, pretty please!!!

C:\Documents and Settings[u]User name[/u]\Application Data\Steinberg\Nuendo x\Presets\KeyCommands

Very probably you have the “Do’nt show fidden files, folders or drives” ticked in the Folder Options.



As alway, you are the wind beneath my wings! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tech help.

Now i am considering moving from XP to Win 7. Yeah, my Studio world is absolutly perfect now…so mucking things up real good by jacking with my OS sounds like FUN!! (or torture). Just have to see if my old school stuff will move with me without much fanfare (UAD1 PCIe, RME Multiface, etc etc). That 64 bit thing keeps nagging at me…plus getting more use out of my ram (i have more than my PC sees now) keeps me wondering about Win 7.

Hope you have a great new years weekend.

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I found them, even the ones with odd spellings. They are all “XML Documents”.

When I tried opening it in N5 it said “this is not a key command file”, yet it’s the way N4 saves it.

Any suggestions?


Move/Copy those XML files from your N4 folder to your N5 folder.
Then load the needed preset within the Key Commands Window.


Will Do.

Bigger question. I had been on a search for .key files. WHy was N4 NOT saving it as a .key? It does not even give me an option to choose how i want it saved. Just the name is the only choice i am given.

I was chasing my tail looking for .keys. Just like to know why they dont actually exist in N4.


You’ll find the info in the operation manual v4 (pages 514 and up) section: “Where are the settings stored”