Key commands shortcut command search - some don't search and instead always execute

The search box sometimes does not want to locate the key commands when in that search mode, instead just executing the command itself. Very annoying.

This seems to be a bug, because it certainly did not happen with Cubase 12’s legacy key command box.


Could you give us an example, please? Thank you

For example a macro I have for Cmd+Space.

Plus a shortcut I have for Cmd+Ctrl+Opt+X

Plus many others, it’s random. Give it a go and see. Very annoying.

This never happened in C12, where the shortcut key search was rock solid


This is definitly the macOS shortcut to open the Spotlight.

Isn’t it the case for the others too?

Not on my machine. And it worked fine with C12 as I said. This is not the problem.

Many shortcuts just execute instead of search when in shortcut search mode.


This really doesn’t work on my side, because it’s assigned to the system Spotlight.

This one works on my side. Do you have it assigned to other action already? Or do you have it assigned to any system action? What happens, if you press this combination? Which command has been executed?

What about a simple Cmd+C (copy)?

That’s another one that’s unsearchable for me.


Works for me.

Ok, I can only conclude it’s just my system over here. Oh well.


Yesterday, I was able reproduce it for the first time with another Key Command. Interesting is, I can’t reproduce it with the Key Command you described.

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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Strange. Thanks for confirming.

Hi! Having the same problem. Almost all commands with cmd can not be searched. (f.ex. cmd+Z, cmd+R (customized - start recording) etc. The same with ^shorctcuts

Also there is a huge problem with search in Russian language version, that words with capital letter cannot be found if typed with small letter (f.ex. действие and Действие are different words for a search machine)

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Thanks for confirming