Key commands shortcut command search - some don't search and instead always execute

I was going to create a new topic after experiencing this bug and testing this extensively but found this one so I’ll just post it here.

Searching for a KeyCommand in Cubase 13 executes the command/action instead of searching for it, if that command uses the “command” or “control (Mac)/windows key) modifiers, or both together, and if the action is supposed to open a window, even though the search button is clicked/enabled.

i.e.: Searching for Open Markers Window actually opens the Markers window while the KeyCommands window is displayed and does not execute the search.

If I change a KeyCommand to one that uses cmd or control (i.e. change Mute track from M to cmd+M), save it, and immediately test the search function, it will still perform the old action and open the Markers window. If I close the KeyCommands window, it will then perform the newly assigned action, and if I then reopen the KeyCommands window and search for “cmd + M”, it will search correctly to Mute without executing the command.

When testing this (changing a KeyCommand to another that uses these modifiers), you might need to close the KeyCommand window and reopen it after making the change in order for the bug to occur. I had to do this when I tested command+control+M for Open Studio Setup, as it actually searched correctly when I tried it immediately after saving, but the bug reoccured after I closed and reopened the KeyCommands window.

So, all in all, it’s currently impossible to search for KeyCommands that use either the command or control modifiers, or both together.

This is happening on and macOS Ventura Apple Silicon and macOS Sonoma on Intel.