Key commands should not be window-dependent

I think Wavelabs’ keyboard-shortcuts should be global, and not window-dependant.
I found -a quite simple- way of connecting my Euphonix MC Pro to Wavelab, by means of letting the MC Pro send key commands to Wavelab, but it’s annoying that simple commands like “zoom in/out on the waveform”, or “go the next/previous marker in the waveform” only work when I’ve clicked in the waveform-window…

Maybe it’s a Steinberg-wide interpretation of how key-commands should work? In Nuendo key-commands are window dependant as well.

I hope at least some kind of choice in “make my key commands global or window-dependant” will be implemented in the upcoming release of Wavelab (and Nuendo!)

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Yes, this will change.

Sounds terrific, thanks!