Key Commands to close MIxConsole(s)

In Cubase 11, the focus conundrum of mixconsoles has greatly been improved. Meaning, if a mixconsole is already open but doesn’t have focus, the key command will give it focus. (For reference, the previous behaviour was to close it, even if it didn’t have focus, and then the user would give the command again so that the mixconsole opened anew, in focus.)

The next logical step in my opinion would be to disconnect the “close the mixconsole” part from the key command, and offer it as a separate key command instead (Close MixConsole 1, 2, 3)

This would be good for working with multiple mixconsoles, when one cannot tell which one has focus at a glance. If the mixconsole didn’t close, one could always give the appropriate mixconsole’s key command before working on it, and it would still remain on-screen, and get focus.

I too take advantage of the 3 mix consoles continually open on 3 separate monitor displays, but often with other windows open temporarily over a mix console.

I think your suggestion is just a good start.

Really, the entire Key Command window and functions needs a fresh re-build because it’s so old. The search function, clicking multiple times, is ancient procedure. The macro section needs lots of attention. And most importantly, a user needs to know which Key Commands apply for whatever window or functions you have in focus.

I think it will happen. As more users create macros, and use additional mix consoles, focus issues become an increasing priority. I’m guessing the reason it hasn’t happened so far may be partly due to older code and Windows 10.

Agreed. I thought about posting this in the missing key commands thread, but then decided against it since the function doesn’t really exist, and is more of a feature request.

  • Ideally, I dream about the Generic Remote, Key commands, project logical editor and macros consolidated. Variables for the PLE, just a tad more complexity in expressions without evolving into a scripting language in itself.

  • Free assignment of combos of macros (ple scripts, commands, all the same at that point) to MIDI devices, computer keyboard, mouse.

  • Changing control presets (all the above that is) on the fly giving different roles to the same hardware controller with the press of a button.

But… I thought I’d start from this small thing, in case it’s doable in the near future.:partying_face:

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If you’re on PC, you might be able to do this with Autohotkey, I think autohotkey can target windows based on the windows title.

[WinActivate - Syntax & Usage | AutoHotkey]

www. autohotkey .com/docs/commands/WinActivate.htm

[WinClose - Syntax & Usage | AutoHotkey]
www. autohotkey. com/docs/commands/WinClose.htm

[WinTitle & Last Found Window | AutoHotkey]

www .autohotkey. com/docs/misc/WinTitle .htm