Key commands to navigate Write mode lower zone panels?

Hi there,
Is there a way to navigate the Write mode lower zone panels (properties, mixer, key editor, etc.) using key commands? To navigate to a particular panel and/or between panels. I wasn’t able to find it internally in key commands, in the manual, in the Facebook group or on the forum here. (The jump bar didn’t work either.) If I’m missing it somewhere I’d love to be set straight. If not, could it be added as a feature? At least to the jump bar? Thanks for your consideration!


There is not, at present, but oddly enough I got around to implementing this at the end of last week, so it will be included in the next update.


Terrific, thank you Daniel! Great news!

This is indeed fantastic news, one of those QoL improvements that will save tons of clicking and time. Thank you Daniel!

Indeed here it is


Including the intriguing “Flows”, which isn’t a panel but a cracking idea.

However assigning keys to these functions isn’t working for me. I’m using F5-F10 and no bueno (the lower zone panels don’t change), does this work for anybody else?

Try restarting Dorico – even though it shouldn’t be necessary, I seem to recall one or two users saying that they found this was necessary.

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What does the Flows option actually do?

I’m not sure if it’s just not working or if I don’t have the correct environment eg I’ve been in Write mode on a Layout with multiple flows and it does nothing.

It could describe the bottom panel in Setup mode. Why would we need a specific keycommand for it, when Cmd-8 already does that? I have no clue. But as Daniel as stated, some people needed it.

Yes, I thought the same thing but I’m worried that it’s really useful though! :joy:

Maybe it’s a foreshadowing, and the key editor will also appear in setup mode from D5.1 onwards, finally making Dorico the DAW everyone wanted :heart_eyes:

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Yah that fixed it thanks.

Edit: what’s interesting is that if it’s already assigned then it takes affect immediately - meaning after restart I changed the bindings and it too affect. So you only need to restart (sometimes?) if the binding is blank. That’s a clue to how to fix it, sounds like an initialization is missing (e.g. like there’s no entry in the active command set) that needs to occur if your setting a key command for the first time.