key commands triggered by MIDI input

it would be cool to have MIDI input triggering a Cubase command directly.
I use a KORG Nano keyboard and BOME MIDI Translator so far as a workaround but it would be neat to have a support directly in Cubase.
I trigger cubase commands by pressing a key on my Nano. Its great

The Generic Remote device does just that. Create a new one from the Studio Settings>+ menu and set the input to your Korg device.

In fact, The cousin of that keyboard, the Korg Nanokey2, very cheap, can be set to Mackie Mode, and you can use it with the Mackie Control remote that’s built into Cubase, which gives access to many functions right out of the box.
2018-05-09 18_41_35-.png
2018-05-09 18_41_25-Studio Setup.png

Generic Remote does indeed work…but it’s a shame that the window is so tiny and unscaleable, and the process so laborious.

A Logic X like keycommand window with a separate column for assigning midi notes/controllers to specific commands would be infinitely faster…

agreed, Sonar had this - very helpful

oh, wow - what a nice info. Thanks a lot - I check it out.

update: I noticed though that not all “commands” are available (f.e. “extract controller data from track”)
One could work around that creating MACROS of cause but it would be cool to have that enhanced in the future.

For anyone else who in interested in this thread: I found a great tutorial on that