Key Commands webpage

3.5.12 help mentions an interactive Key Commands keyboard, but when I use Help>Key Commands - or Print Summary from the Preferences page to access it - I always get this:
Has it moved?

I got that briefly, but within a second or two it had resolved to this (without the space): http ://localhost:<my_local_host_no>/dorico/keycommands/. Does refreshing the page help at all?

Your link led to the same error message, Lillie, and so far several refreshes haven’t been successful. But since it’s evident now that the site hasn’t moved, I’ll keep trying.

Lillie’s link seems to point to this address:

http ://localhost:<Lillie’s_local_host_no>/dorico/keycommands/

If I click on that link in Safari I get an error message; but if I select Help → Key Commands from within Dorico, it works fine (on Mac).

Neither route works for me, currently. Interestingly, though, I now get a different error message:

Just to clarify: “localhost” means it’s a local link. The page is dynamically generated by your computer (to show any custom shortcuts you may have defined in addition to the factory ones). Somebody more knowledgeable than me will have to explain how this actually works; my point is that there’s no chance of Steinberg “moving” the page.

I suppose it’s possible that an overly zealous firewall could be blocking the port, though.

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+1 to what Leo said. A localhost address establishes a connection with your own computer using a loopback. Gareth, the fact that your first error shows localhost:0 is pretty odd. That number shouldn’t be 0. We also shouldn’t be able to get Lillie’s link to work as that’s her localhost address. I just checked and both Help/Keycommands and Preferences/Keycommands/Print Summary work fine for me on Windows.

Thanks. I shall keep trying. My query about ‘moving’ was prompted by the mention of it in the first error message itself, but I know Absolute Zero about these things. It may be indicative (e.g. in terms of firewalls) that I can’t get through on my smartphone either.

You won’t be able to get through on any device that doesn’t have Dorico installed. No point trying on your smartphone!

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Aaah - mea culpa!

(Note: after a moment’s reflection, yes sharing my own link was probably not as helpful as demonstrating the principle behind it, so I’ve edited both mine and Stephen’s comments to that effect)