Key commands which I can’t find

After writing about 80 arrangements with Dorico, I’ve compiled a list of the key commands I’m missing. I would like to know…
…which of these are already implemented (but I have overlooked them)
…which ones are planned in future versions
…which of them are difficult to program

  1. Layout options / Rastral size ±
  2. Writing: Triplet input (only triplets - no other N-tuplets)
  3. Playback: next/previous channel (This key command could be the same as write / full score next higher/lower player)
  4. engrave mode:
    (a) graphic editing
    i) move to previous/next system
    (b) staff spacing
    (c) note spacing
  5. ⌘ w for close window/file (does not work)
  6. Print: show next/previous page (of a layout)
  7. Print: show next/previous layout (only works if you have clicked on the current layout once on the blue bar on the left side)
  8. Set up: next/previous layout
  9. Set accidentals in round brackets (I don’t need the other three [hide, show, square brackets] that often)
  10. Write: Scale Cue (I don’t need the other three [normal, grace, cue grace] that often)
  1. We don’t plan to make it possible to increase or decrease the default staff size via a keyboard shortcut.
  2. You will find plenty of discussions on the forum about how to set up a custom key command for adding a triplet, but you’ll need to hand-edit the JSON key commands file to add it.
  3. No plans.
  4. You can assign shortcuts for the various tools in Engrave mode in the Edit category of the Key Commands page (look for e.g. Edit Staff Spacing.
  5. The shortcut to close the window is Command-Shift-W. You can change this if you like: File > Close Project in Key Commands.
  6. Use Page Up/Page Down.
  7. No plans.
  8. No plans.
  9. Assign a shortcut to Edit > Show Accidental in Round Brackets in Key Commands.
  10. Using the same method you will learn for #2 above, add a shortcut to the JSON file for UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kEventScale&Value=string: "kCue".

Command W is set by default to close a Tab. Because you can have multiple windows and tabs of the same project, closing the project is Shift Command W.

Note that Safari behaves similarly. (Possibly depending on configuration.)

This already has key commands: comma and full stop, unless you’re referring to something else?

You can cycle through layouts in the music area, although you’re probably already aware of this one?

In general, it’s not universal but you will often find tips dotted around the manual, if the action being described can have a key command set for it, e.g. at the end of Hiding/Showing or parenthesizing accidentals

Thank you dspreadbury!
This answer was very helpful!
I found a lot of things, but not the JSON key commands file (Dorico 5.1; Mac OS 12.7). (Where is it? Is it called keycommands.json?) That’s why I didn’t get any further with no. 2 and no. 10.
Your answer also lacked a reference to: engrave mode / graphic editing / move to previous/next system. I didn’t get any further in the forum either. Lillie_Harris’ answer didn’t work either. Well - your answer was still very helpful because the other points were solved. Thank you very much!


You’ll find the keycommands_xx.json file (where xx is your keyboard layout language) in the user library (hidden)/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 5/

You can access the hidden user library using the Go To menu in the Finder (6th menu if you count the apple menu), and while it’s open, press alt.

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Hi dspreadbury
Of the 13 keyboard commands I couldn’t find, I have since found or programmed seven with your help.
Three more are not planned for future versions of Dorico.
The issue with the triplets/tuplets has been resolved. I have realized that this is a very complicated subject. But I can manage with what Dorico offers.
That leaves two more:

  1. write: scale cue. You wrote to me that I could program this in JSON by entering: UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kEventScale&Value=string: “kCue”. Should I enter this in the “context” : “kWriteMode” part? Should I enter the key combination I want (i) instead of “kcue”?
  2. engrave mode / move to previous/next system This is a wonderful addition since Dorico 4. Now it would be nice if these functions could be assigned to keyboard shortcuts as in Finale. I had wished for this, but received no comments on this wish.

If you’re talking about moving a bar to the next or previous system, then there are shortcuts for this. Comma , and Period ..

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Thank you benwiggy!
I finally found them.
These commands are listed under page layout and not under engrave.

You can also find key commands by searching for any bit of their name that you know or guess at: searching for “next system” brings up just one, 100% relevant, result :slight_smile:

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Yes, but there is one problem: If you search for move to as as the corresponding button is described (move to previous/next system) you get no reasonable results.

“Move” is quite a common word in the context of key commands. My recommendation to you is that if your first search doesn’t bring up anything relevant, or is too broad, try searching for a more specific word in the name.

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