Key Commands window Bug

Hi I hope you’re all well, I just wanna report this bug in the key command window. As you can see the macro section buttons overlap with the main buttons when you resize it.

Please stay safe, we’re loosing loved ones everyday :frowning:

This doesn’t happen on a MAC (macOS Mojave 10.14.6).


I wonder if it still happens if you activate the default profile.

  1. Go to “EDIT/Profile manager…”
  2. Backup the current profile by exporting it.
  3. Activate the default profile.
  4. Restart Cubase and see if the bug is still there.

Hi Alin, yes still happens any other suggestions?

Seems to be a problem of the Windows version.
Here too:

Yeah must be I’ve asked a friend of mine also he uses windows and has the same glitch.