Key Commands window - Search for Whole Words Only?

Is it possible to search for an exact word in the Key Commands window?

Here’s an example:
I want to search for the shortcut to open/close the Rack, but I don’t know that it is Show/Hide Rack.
I search for Rack.
Clicking the Start/Continue button shows every shortcut that contains track , tracks, TrackVersion, etc.

Is there a quicker way to find Rack?
Searches in some programs e.g. Adobe Reader have a Whole Words Only option.

**** I’ve found that putting a space before Rack helps, but this trick doesn’t work if the search word is at the start of the Key Command name.


I don’t know any trick, and I’m really afraid, there is no trick, here. Even “Rack” (with quotation marks), doesn’t work, here.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I hadn’t thought of trying quotation marks, but as you say, it doesn’t work.