key commands

Hi,hope everyone is having a good Sunday :smiley:
I’m really enjoying the learning experience,first time user of Cubase Artist, 9.5
Ok,so I understand that Cubase can do custom key commands which is great.But was wondering,how do I open my Kontakt instance from my typing keyboard?
As I use Kontakt a lot,for my Heavyocity libraries and such,this would be a great shortcut

I saw Daniel James opening and closing Kontakt via his keyboard,on his video “Why I Use Cubase Over Ableton Live”,but didn’t reveal how he did it,lol

If anyone knows I would grateful for any help,taking me through the steps,etc (go easy on me,I’m old,but not obsolete,ok :laughing: )

Cheers! :smiley:

Open Key commands
Find “Edit VST Instrument”
Assign it to a key or combo

HI Grim
Thank you, :smiley:
I did try that and it didn’t open my Kontakt player instrument for some reason.Maybe I have to combine it with either Shift,Ctrl,Alt?

Brand new user of Cubase ,really enjoying the learning process

Have you selected the correct track… it can’t know which vst you want to open if you don’t indicate with track selection.

Hi Grim :smiley:
Yes I have clicked on the track,to highlight it.The key commands, are they universal for all versions?
going to try again

Yes I have it assigned now,thank you Grim.
I didn’t point to the actual Edit VsT Instrument :blush:
so handy to have key commands,as my other Daw don’t have this feature