Key commands

When using the montage, I simply assigned the key commands for fade-ins and fade-outs from the older version of Wavelab because I was used to it.

However now with the latest update, the command for “exponential+” fade-in or fade-out (ALT + I,F6 and ALT + O,F6 respectively) now invokes playback from the beginning of the file and ignores the command to change the fade shape.

Is this a bug or is there a work-around for this?

BTW PG thanks for creating better access to the plugin drop down menu in the Master Section and montage plugin selection with the underlined letters. Can this functionality be added back to the main menus viz the ALT key as in previous WL versions?

The F6 key is used as priority for playback. This conflicts with your shortcut. There is no way around this for the time being.
Concerning the ALT key for menus, I have to see…

Thanks PG.

The thing is, these very commands (the envelope commands AND F6 on its own) worked correctly in previous versions of WL 7, without any interference or conflict!