key commands

I might have found a bug with the new fixed transport bar.
I work on a 4k monitor and switched all the options for the bar to visible mode, I have room for them.
The problem is that Key commands don’t work until I turn on the floating transport bar and turn on and then off the virtual keyboard.
Any solution anyone?


In general, the Key Commands don’t work when the Virtual Keyboard is enabled. The keys are “stollen” by the Virtual Keyboard. Maybe, Cubase was confused somehow, and “think”, the Virtual Keyboard is switched On.

Can you reproduce it?

I’ve reproduced it every time I’ve used the floating keyboard.

Say you use the Virtual Keyboard for some quick hits to the drums. To use the KC’s, you have to toggle the floating transport bar out. Also, when you do that, the V Keys will not function again until you Alt-K it on and off the screen.

How’s that for “coding” your way out of a paper bag!

(I’m not so much bitter as I am regretting the time I spent trying to figure out what I did to break it!)

I investigated a little more and found out that when sound browser (in its own window) is on (no matter if its previewer, which uses keyboard shortcuts, is on or off) Key Commands don’t work at all.
Is it only for me or is it a bug?
Thanks in advance for your replies.

Soud Browser or MediaBay? Or both…?

only sound browser. Media Bay doesn’t interfere with key commands even with its previewer on

can someone confirm it’s a bug?
should I report it?

It works to me as expected.

In the Sound Browser left-bottom corner, click to the 3rd button (the keyboard). Make sure, the Jey Commands you want to use are nit assigned here to dedicated function for the Sound Browser.

Can you reproduce it in the Safe Start Mode?