Key + drag for zooming


A key command + mouse dragging on a soecific area for zooming on the fly; the same combination with a single click for undo zooming.



Hi tomateck2, I think you already can do these things, or at least something very similar.
With the Zoom tool you can zoom on a selected area (only horizontally by default, but if you go to Preferences > Editing > Tools and deselect the Zoom tool standard mode then you zoom your selection both horizontally and vertically).
As far as I know, you can’t undo a zoom action, but if you do Shift + click with the Zoom Tool selected you obtain the necessary vertical and horizontal zoom to see in your Project Window all the track and all the events (if possible). Alt + click and you Zoom out.
Remember, also, that you can always use the Overview section to freely zoom horizontally. A zoom undo command is missing, anyway. It could be useful…

Thanks Pierluigi_Bontempi, I know, the zoom tool is now the best way to do this and your suggestions are very useful. My suggestion/request is motivated by the workflow speed that I think could be enhanced by key+mouse combinations that avoid the zoom tool step and offer a more quick undo zoom.
Anyway thanks for your very informative reply and for your time. Have a good day :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! And your request is really clever; it certainly would speed up the workflow!