Key Ed not always displaying chord note colors correctly

When the Key Ed is set to color events based on the chord track it doesn’t always correctly color them. As you can see in this first image the C note at the start of bar 85 is colored blue and not green (indicating it is in the scale but not the chord) even though the chord track has an F at bar 85 (and last I checked an F chord does have a C in it :slight_smile: ).
This second image shows in the info line that both the chord and note events start at the same time, If I move the start of the note one tick later it does properly display it in green.
I’ve noticed this happening several times but can’t see any pattern to it. Most of the time when a note and chord event start at the same time the coloring is correct. But every so often it isn’t. Notice that bar 83 is colored correctly and bar 85 was copied from bar 83. FYI if I delete the note and enter it using the pencil instead of copy and paste it still is the incorrect color. This started in C8.