Key Editor 1/8 Quant Preset showing as 1/4

This isn’t related to the 10.0.20 update - I noticed the issue before .20 came out.

In the Key Editor if I try to set the Quantize Preset to 1/8 it shows it as 1/4 instead of 1/8. It seems to only be related to the preset name that is shown (and what is checked in the list) because the grid-lines do change. Doesn’t happen in Project Window.

See attached animation


I cannot reproduce it here on my system. Maybe it’s related to your big amount of prests? Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Thanks Martin. It behaves the same in Safe Start as in the regular startup. I think it is only a display error since the editor snaps to 1/8 even though it shows 1/4 as being selected. It shows the wrong selection in both the Key & Drum Editors but not the Project Window.

Perhaps this only shows up on a PC?


What happens if you close and reopen the editor? Is the value shown correctly then?

How many screens do you use? Any HiDPI?

It might by also Win7 only.

Yeah I initially suspected a problem repainting the image. But closing/opening the editor & other things that refresh graphics doesn’t change anything.

4 screens, no HiDP.

Quite possible it is Win7 only.