Key Editor "Always on Top" / MixConsole Split View

Hi everyone,

A couple of things:

I just purchased Cubase 7 yesterday and was hoping they had allowed for the key editor to be always on top as is the case for plugins and the mixconsole. It would make a life lot easier for me because of my triple monitor setup (Vertical-Horizontal-Vertical). Is there an XML file I can edit to force this behavior?

And secondly, with the old mixer I could have my output track always visible at the end of the mixer and I can’t seem to find a way to do this with the new mix console. I need to scroll all the way left each time which is quite annoying. I can have it opened in a dedicated mixconsole but this takes up unnecessary screen real estate. Is there a split view option?

Thanks in advance.

Hi There

In the “Channel Selector” on the left of the mixer screen there is a “Zones” tab, select the right “dot” of the stereo output and the output will go to the right of the screen

Best Regards