Key Editor Bug? Selecting MIDI Point w/Independent Voice Playback

This appears to be a bug. Maybe someone else can confirm.

The description is convoluted, but reproducing it is clear (hopefully).

In Key Editor, with Independent Voice Playback active on another staff, after selecting an item in a staff in a flow for the first time since working in another flow or since opening the project, when selecting a MIDI point, the Key Editor unexpectedly switches to the main view of the instrument with Independent Voice Playback (“main view”, as opposed to each independent voice’s view).

Steps to reproduce with attached project:

  1. Open Key Editor in Write Mode.
  2. Select a Violin note in Flow 1.
  3. Select CC 50 from Editor Menu.
  4. Select the MIDI point.

Key Editor switches to Harp.

  1. Select a Violin note in Flow 1.
  2. Select the MIDI point.

It is selected as expected.

  1. Select a Violin note in Flow 2.
  2. Select the MIDI point.

Key Editor switches to Harp.

  1. Select a Violin note in Flow 2.
  2. Select the MIDI point.

It is selected as expected.

  1. This behavior will repeat if you go back to Flow 1, etc.

I wouldn’t call this a major issue, but it can cause problems if you don’t notice the Key Editor has switched to a different staff. And it’s a nuisance with a multi-flow project with automation.


MIDI Point Select Test.dorico (714.3 KB)

EDIT: There appear to be additional cases when the Key Editor switches unexpectedly as above, but I haven’t isolated the exact circumstances.

Thanks for this report. However, I’m unable to reproduce any problem as you describe it. Are you saying that after step 4, when you click on the single point in the MIDI CC editor in bar 1, that the Key Editor then immediately and unexpectedly updates to show the harp instead of the violin? If so, that’s not happening for me here.

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Thanks for checking it out! Ok, after restarting the computer, there are some subtle differences from the steps above. This now happens for me:

  1. Open project (opens in Write Mode with Key Editor displaying Clarinet and CC 50).
  2. Select Violin note in Flow 2.
  3. Select MIDI point.

Key Editor immediately updates to show Clarinet.

Not sure why it’s slightly different than before. Initially selecting flow 1 seems to work now. Clarinet was the last instrument added to the project, if it’s relevant.

I’m on macOS 12.7.

Thanks again!

I can reproduce this (the action must be repeated for the Editor to allow the selection of the CC point, for some reason). I’m on Windows, using MIDI out only, unlike the OP. BTW, I very frequently experience this issue myself. In my case, the Editor jumps to the topmost instrument in the given flow.

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There’s apparently an interaction with saving the project. After selecting the MIDI point twice (in order to select it successfully), if you save the project (not Save As) and try to select the MIDI point again, it will behave as if you’re trying to select it for the first time and Key Editor will switch to another staff.

I can reproduce this one as well, but not as reliably as the first one (tried it 3 times, reproduced only once).

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Just wanted to make sure this issue is on the radar. The recent update is terrific! Hope this might get sorted out in the next (if it’s indeed a bug).

Happy New Year, all!