Key Editor Color Settings

Hey Devs,

I just made the jump to 8 Pro. I really like a lot of the updates, but there is one that is turning into a minor nuisance.
Steinberg Feature SuggestionB.jpg
In 7, when “Part” was selected from the Event Colors dropdown, all of the parts retained the color of their track. The visual difference was that the opacity of the active part was lower than the inactive parts. This was really nice, because it gives a reference to what register the other parts are playing in. For example, I could see without switching parts whether the highest voice was a brass or woodwind instrument because all of my MIDI tracks for brass are yellow, and woodwinds are green. This would allow me to have a visual representation of the texture as well as the range.
Steinberg Feature Suggestion.jpg
In 8, the default setting on “Part” is for only the active part to display it’s track color. The rest of the events are all the same gray. There is no visual information about the texture, forcing the user to swap back and forth between active parts. This is fine in most cases, but it is really nice to have a quick reference without having to switch away from the track that a user is working on.