Key editor confusion

When you have several tracks enabled and selected in the key editor, few operations work for all of them. For example, if I marquee select a group of notes and press delete, that will delete them from all the tracks that are enabled. If I quantize, or resize notes, that will work for all of them.

But, for example, if I copy a group of selected notes from one track and want to paste them onto all the enabled and selected tracks, it will only paste into one.

Same for CC automation. If I copy CC1 automation from one track, and paste it onto all the selected tracks, it will only paste into one.

Also, velocity works just for one track. Choosing a note (by doing a marquee select that is, clicking on the note only selects it for one track), and adjusting velocity will work for just that one track.

Is there a way to make these operations apply to all tracks that are enabled (meaning with the √ to their left) and selected (meaning you click on the first one, press shift and click on the last one)?

Since you don’t mention it, are you familiar with the Part Editing Mode drop down menu, and which mode are you in for what you’re describing?


Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention it. It’s always set to this:

Which only adds to my confusion.

Here’s what I just tried, successfully:

  1. select three parts on three different tracks and open them in the Windowed Key Editor
  2. verified parts are Selected in upper pane

    Drag-selected notes on all three parts and cut and pasted to a few bars later.

All worked as expected.

If you can write a detailed repro as above perhaps the problem can be found.

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Thanks Steve, I’ll give that a try as soon as I have a minute.