Key editor controller lane not large enough

strange small issue that is not handy when selecting sustain events (or velocity events, etc).
On my computer, the controller lane at the bottom of the key editor has a vertical scroll bar, because either the 10% highest or the 10% lowest values are out of range. Can’t I zoom out the controller lane just a bit so that it shows the whole vertical range?
I tried all buttons I could find, but I did not find a button to zoom out the controller lane.

Could you post a screenshot, so we can see what the issue looks like.

If you just want to make the Controller Lane area larger you can drag the divider up.

Now, when making these snapshots I noted that if I put the key editor on the external monitor and press the show/hide bottom window button twice,
then the controller lane shows in full as I want it to be:

So I guess I have found a workaround already.

If I hide/show the controller lane when the key editor is maximized on the laptop screen, the problem re-appears.

(FYI, I use my laptop screen and an external monitor together to have two screens. I use Windows 11 . Both the screens have a 1920x1080 resolution, so it’s still a weird behavior).

OK, so you’re trying to get rid of the vertical scroll bar in the first 2 pics & can’t find a zoom control for the task - right?

I don’t have a zoom control either, but here it just auto zooms to fit the available space so no control is needed. I’m on Cubase 13 so maybe it’s different. I’ll try to remember to check on Cubase 12 when it’s nearby.

What happens if you switch to a different controller and back.