Key editor controller lane stretch data

I have a curve in a modulation lane in the key editor. I want to stretch the curve to the right so that it goes on for longer.

Is that possible?


Yes. Use Logical Editor:
Type is Equal Controller
Position Multiply by x.yyyy


  1. Add one more CC point behind the place, where do you want to stretch it.

  2. Select the MIDI CCs you want to scratch + the one MIDI CC event you just created.

  3. Move your mouse cursor down to the select area. The “slider” will appear.

  4. Move the cursor bellow the last MIDI CC event you want to stretch, and move the mouse right.

  5. Delete the last MIDI CC event, you don’t need it.

See attached video.

Martin, fyi- the logical editor multiplies the events’ position relative to the start of the midi part, not the selection.

I know, and It’s really a pain. :-/

So simple, Brilliant! Thanks both for your answers :slight_smile: