key editor crashes usb controller

I am running Cubase elements 8 with windows 10 64 bit with Mbox mini and Maudio oxygen 49 MK4 controller keyboard. All midi functions are working fine but when i go into a midi track on the key editor and change any note pitch, length or velocity my controller keyboard gets disconnected and then reconnects which of course cubase needs to be rebooted for the controller to be seen again. any help on this issue would be appreciated thanks in advance.


How do you know, it’s disconnected? What is the output of the MIDI Track?

Hi Martin thanks for the response, i know its disconnected as the windows alert sound notifies that a USB device has been disconnected but then it alerts that it is reconnected and the controller/keyboard no longer works until cubase is rebooted

I see.

Are you sure it’s linked with the openin of the Key Editor?

Is your MIDI Keyboard plugged directly to the Computer, or via USB hub? If there is a hub, is it an active (charged) one?

the keyboard is linked and working fine when i open the key editor and as long as i dont edit anything i can exit the key editor and the keyboard is still connected. I am connecting direct to the computer no Hub

So it is disconnected at the moment, when you send a MIDI Message (change a Pitch, move the Note…)?

Here is the MIDI Track routed to? What is the output?

What Windows/macOS version do you use? Do you have the latest driver installed?

Could you try Safe Start Mode of Cubase (trash Preferences), please?

Thanks for your help once again

i seemed to have stumbled across fixing the problem. basically i cleaned the registry with cc cleaner and only having briefly tested all seems to be working fine. i will have a proper session with it tomorrow on my day off and let you know the outcome.

DONT LISTEN TO A WORD I AM SAYING AAAAARRRRGGGHHH i am still having problems! i will try safe mode etc and update