Key Editor-Cubase 11

The Key Editor needs a lot of work IMO.

Key Editor New Features

1 Display currently played Articulation in Info Line
2 Tabs for managing large numbers of articulations
3 Tabs to Show/Hide Controller Lanes
4 Edit Note Expression parameters for selected note in Info Line
5 Mouse wheel scrolls next and previous articulation in Info Line
6 Extend note to end of event
7 Extend note A and shorten note B simultaneously
8 Metronome
9 Tempo Track
10 Bezier Curves
11 Right Zone for Articulations list for selecting ariculations
12 Right Zone for selecting Factory and User Midi patterns
13 Right Zone for selecting Note Lengths
14 Key command for Note Expression One-Shot Mode
15 Midi Input On and Off key commands
16 Step Input On and Off key commands
17 Note Expression Midi Input On and Off key commands
18 No gap between B and C notes
19 Note Pad
20 1-8 Zoom Presets
21 Rename CC’s


Regarding #18, I created a Change petition. We’ve been asking them to fix this for years, and we need them to take it seriously: