Key Editor Display Issue

Hi folks,
just a simple question to something I can’t get my head around.
The visual representation of notes on the grid in the key editor leaves a full gap between each E/F and B/C . When editing notes this often fools me into thinking those notes are a full step apart instead of the actual half-step that sets them apart. WHY? Steinberg… WHY???
It seems to have been done as a “feature” rather than a design flaw.
Am I missing something?
Can this be changed, turned off, somewhere in Preferences?
I might add that the key editor in e.g. Ableton does not have this quirk. There, each note from one half step to the next will sit seamlessly next to it’s neighbor without any gaps, as it should be.

Please advise.


You will be happy to learn that they FIXED IT in Cubase 11!


For comparison- here’s Cubase 10.5.


Yay! :boom:
Thanks for the heads up. :+1:

So it wasn’t a feature after all. :sweat_smile:
The right thing to do now would be to issue a little patch instead of trying to sell me an entire update. But I shouldn’t be complaining and count my blessings…

…says my wife. :smile: