Key Editor - Edit All Parts - need to polish functionality

Excuse me, if someone already there for this. Too much posts to check them all.

So, Time to time I met this need - it would be nice if functions in Controller lanes could work on all parts if there is Edit All Parts selected as Part Editing Mode.

It means, if selected all or several notes in all opened parts or takes, then Scale Vertically, Tilt Left, Tilt Right and Scale Around Absolute Center would work on all volume values and all controller points of selected notes in all selected parts opened in Key Editor.

Now the Part Editing Mode is taken in count only for Ctrl+A and Tools.
For example if Edit All Parts is selected, the Draw Tool works as expected - can draw volume for all notes in all opened parts and when Edit Active Part is selected, the Draw Tool works only on active part’s notes. So the same way could work Scale functions in Controller lanes for volume values and controller points.


  1. About Controller points - with Ctrl+A we can select all points only on active part even Part Editing Mode is set to Edit All Parts. Strange!

  2. To edit each part individually we can open each part individually. If we select multiple parts, then probably we need to edit them all together - for example tilt controller values for all selected instruments, scale them, scale around center and so on.