Key Editor: Edit CCs & vel on multiple tracks simultaneously

in the same way, and I think that the two processes are linked, we could (in cubase 7), in the midi editor window, listen in solo one of the midi containers within a selection of several midi containers.
It does not seem possible anymore, it slowed down my workflow.
When using the divisi technique (for ex strings one midi track = 1st vl, another = 2nd vl …) or doing layering, this function is very useful.


Why it’s not possible? What can you see in the drop-down menu of the currently selected MIDI Parts? Here you should be able to select the one you want to edit. The same way, as it was in Cubase 7.

The point is you want to be able to edit multiple cc’s from different parts at the same time, just as you can with midi notes.

a +1 for me too

There’s one workaround, which is to use note expression.

I would love to have this feature too!!
My workaround is to use the logical editor:
Filter target Type
Condition: Equal
Parameter 1: Note
Action Target: Value 2
Operation: multiply
Parameter 1: 0.5 to halve or 1.2 to raise 20% …

Could you please describe this detailed? Maybe yours is much easier?

I can’t remember what I was thinking then. But I think whatever it was was wrong! :blush:

Hi Folks,

Is it possible now?
Being able to edit multiple midi CC events for selected midi tracks at once would be great. Reaper has it.


You can edit multiple MIDI CCs for selected track at once, but you can’t edit MIDI CCs of multiple tracks at once.

How do you edit multiple MIDI CCs for selected track at once?

I guess, I know how to do this for modulation for multiple midi/instrument tracks at the same time.


I’m sorry, bad wording…

You can show multiple MIDI CCs at once and then you can edit them one by one on a one view. But you cannot draw two curves at the same time.

It is OK. I was actually very surprised.

Included in the feature request poll, so vote up.

Synchronisation of editing cc data between multiple vsti/midi tracks


I need this all the time when editing modulation for divisi parts as a rough first global edit. But can’t do it now. Sad :frowning:

+1 Really need this when recording divisi strings and want to edit the modulation for all of them at the same time. Right now I have to delete all but one midipart that has the same data, and then alt+shift and drag them back to to where they where. That will copy the midipart and then I can select only one part to edit midi ccs and all the other tracks will follow.

There is a command to “convert to real copy” that I can use to make the parts independent again after editing. But why isn´t there a command to convert the midi parts to shared copies? if they are all exactly the same, that should be no problem. That would make it so much faster!


+1 as well - can’t believe this hasn’t made it into version 11 (or maybe if it has it is not intuitive to me :frowning: )

This is makes revisions incredible time-consuming when working on film scores

I’m looking forward to this feature