Key Editor: Event Colors Menu - Show Scale Degrees

It would be so helpful to have scale degrees expressed as various colors, so that no matter what key I’m in or what the root of the chord might be, I always know where the 3rd, the 6th, or the 9th might be.

It would be very similar to the coloring by pitch (presently included in Cubase Pro 11 - love it), but it would not be stationary (where G is always red and D is always blue) but would be dependant on the relationship to the root of the chord. For example, the 5th is red, or the 7th is blue.

Only 12 colors are needed (chromatic scale), just as with the Pitch option. Scale degrees would be 0-11, where 0 is the root and all scale degrees progress by half-step as in post-tonal theory. So then a major chord would be 0-4-7, and let’s say I color it: blue-red-green, it would remain blue-red-green whether it was G Major, F Major, or B Major.

If the post-tonal scheme of 0-11 is too foreign, we could still do the jazz notation but I am specifically requesting color expression only for the 12 pitches of the chromatic scale in relationship to the root.

Great idea. +1

I suppose if they go there, it would not take much more to do the same for Chords - root red, minor 3rd green, major 3rd blue, etc.

@raino Yes, it could work for both the scales and the chords. In my work, I use them interchangeably (my background is in classical / art music and post-tonal theory). I prefer to use the scale events as my chords, simply because the spelling is more straightforward. But yes, the color functionality would be great for both.