Key Editor fast velocity change glitch?

Hi there,

I recently updated my cubase to its last version but something quite annoying is happening in the key editor and I don’t know if this is a glitch or an option you can disable, which would make it easier for me.

Here is the problem: when you hold down cntrl + shift and click on a note you can then drag up or down to respectively increase or decrease the velocity. Usually when clicking on the note without dragging up or down appears the current number of the velocity assigned to this key, if the velocity of the note is: 31 and you hold down cntrl + shift and click on the note, the number that will appear is: 31, but after the update the number is always 127 (max velocity) and I have to drag up or down to know what is the actually assigned velocity of my note, which is a bit annoying to do.

Is this actually a problem or a new feature? Do you guys have the same thing occuring to you?


This is a known and already reported issue.

Thank you.

Thank you for the answer, I couldn’t find a page on your website citing the known issues