Key Editor focus during playback problem

Dear All,
i’m struggling in solving a rather basic issue i have, but couldn’t find anything in the manual or in preferences.

During playback what i want is to simply click on any midi clip, on whatever track, and have it displayed in the key editor so that i can see it and edit it as needed (all during playback) (with auto-follow on or off). The problem is that if i click / double click on any midi clip different vs. the currently highlighted track Cubase instantly brings back the focus on the midi clip relevant to the track currently selected, not allowing me to select a different clip.
Also, i have the same problem if i select multiple midi clips to edit in the key editor, as soon as i start playback only one becomes selected and i can’t monitor / edit more than one at a time.

Is it possible at all to solve this? I am rather new to Cubase, if i am not mistaken i did not have this behaviour during the first weeks of usage.



There are some settings if to open a clip in separate editor - or if last double clicked replace existing in editor. Basically if more than one editor.

There is also direct editing in track view to use. This may be present on track controls or not - depending on your settings.

Hope you get clue what to do.