Key Editor Function Elements 9

I’m not sure if this is a setting or intentionally withheld from Elements 9, but in the Key Editor after I draw a box to select certain notes, I’d like to only change, say, the velocity for the selected notes in the range of the selection.

An example of the problem is if there are other unselected notes in the same range as the selected ones, when I run the drawing tool across the velocity controller lane, it not only changes the velocity of the selected ones but also the unselected ones in between.
I assume this might happen for other similar controllers?
I am not sure how to not have this happen except by going note by note to edit.

For me, unselected notes inside the selection box are unaffected by velocity drawing, but outside of the box unselected notes are changed.

Then maybe it is a setting? I just tried it out again and unselected notes’ velocities inside the selection range are still being changed.
For me, the selection of notes before changing velocity only helps when the notes start at the same time, so it only changes the velocity of the selected note. But for notes that start, say, in between two selected notes, it does not do anything (all the velocities change)