Key Editor: How to quickly draw note events according to grid settings

How is it possible in Key Editor to draw multiple note events in a row so that they sit well on the grid? In Drum Editor it works like that: Just draw along horizontally and you’re good. I’m not able to get this basic function in note editor. Is it me or Cubase Pro 12?

Do you mean the Score Editor or the Key Editor?

Sorry… key editor, of course. I’ll correct that in the title and initial post.

You can either use the Line tool and just draw in a horizontal line. The quantize and length settings will determine the location and length of the notes.
Or you can draw in one loooong note, then switch to the Scissors tool and Alt/Opt-click the note at the wanted position. This will cut the note into evenly long notes.

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, things don’t work that way with the line tool. Cubase applies the length quantization setting, but unfortunately just puts all the note events one after the other. It’s the same strange behavior that the duplicate and repeat functions show: no respect at all for the quantization grid setting. Yes, I learned that there is the range selection tool that provides a workaround to this issue, but I haven’t found that specific tool in the key editor yet. Maybe I just have to search harder.

As for your second suggestion, well… that’s strange too. This method requires five additional steps of chopping and then resizing the created note events to the required length. The drum editor does what I want with just a single action.

Now imagine this: you’ve set the quantization settings to your liking, then you grab the drawing tool, hold down a modifier key, and draw along horizontally. Tadaaa! You have created many events at once, positioned in the grid and at the right length.
Even better, hold down a second modifier key and different pitches can be created, even according to a set scale if things get really crazy.

This is what I would call intuitive and easy drawing of note events.

Imagine this: You have made your quantization settings to your liking, then grab the draw tool, hold a modifier key and draw along horizontally. Tadaaa! You have created many events at one stroke, positioned to the grid and at the right length.

Yeah, sorry. Forget about the Line tool and please use the Brush tool instead.

You can use the quantize value to set up the grid and the length value to dictate the note length. Make sure that “Adaptive Zoom” is not switched on (-/+ sign in the Grid section must be white).

The default modifier to keep the Brush to one pitch is Ctrl/Cmd. Hint: press the modifier key after you click the mouse. Otherwise it might first perform its normal operation, to temporarily switch off the grid.

Oh, a hidden gem - thanks for the elucidation! Never knew about that tool. Maybe, because it’s in the wrong place. Shouldn’t this be a mode of the draw tool, rather than of the line tool? A brush and a pencil have way more things in common, than a brush and a waveform. Even use-wise.

So my feature request would now change to:

  1. Make the brush tool a mode of the drawing tool so that it will be pulled from the depths of an inappropriate place.
  2. Give us a modifier key [Alt/Opt] to quickly swap the pen for the brush. Just like with object selector and scissors.

Well… the brush was there since the beginning. They added the line tool some 12 years later.

why cant I even find the brush tool ? all I have is Parabola? which seem to draw note in when you drag to the set quantise ? the note lengths are set to a full 1/4 note cant work out what to make the length less
what am I missing

Ok so I found the keyboard short cut “=” on a Mac for and could see the Parabola tool cycle through all the options, what is confusing that if you are not on the Parabola to simply clicking does not give you a list of all the options, I then noticed that if you first click on the Parabola tool you can then re-click and see a list of options.

just incase I missed a step , is there also a way to have the note length so its not touching ?

not like this

like this

When this tool is selected, click on its icon again. That should bring up a little menu where you can then chose the other tools from.

Note the little traingular cutout on the bottom of the tool icon. It indicates that there is a pop up menu available.

OK thank , I did find that in the end , Cubase is full of very small clues showing hidden functions :slight_smile: the thing is, once you know to look for them, you don’t need them lol