Key editor in lower zone zoom to locators when opening

I always used to have a macro to open the key editor with zoom to locators when opening it in full screen mode.

Now when using the lower zone for the key editor, I have use Control L to zoom to locators every time I change from mixer or other views to the key editor. Can the lower zone be set up to automatically zoom to locators on changing to key editor.



Does it mean, you open Key Editor, Zoom to Locators, switch to MixConsole, switch back to Key Editor, and this is not Zoomed to Locators? When does it change?

No, it’s not possible to Zoom to Locators automatically.

Hi Martin, I was referring to clicking the tabs in the lower zone - changing from mixer or sampler view to the key edit was losing the zoom. I have got round it by making a small macro with open key editor in lower zone plus zoom to locators and then assigning it a key. This macro works on the midi part in the arrange window also. Thanks