Key editor in separate window

Hi folks,

For Cubase 9.5, I have it setup so that when I click on the midi data in a track, the piano roll opens in a separate window on my second screen. I don’t want it opening in the lower zone (I have disabled the lower zone entirely).

In Cubase 10, I am trying to setup the same thing, but I cannot for the life of me remember how I did this. There is some setting somewhere in 9.5 that says “open mix console in separate window only” or something like that, but I just can’t find it. Right now, when I click on the midi track, the mix console opens in the lower zone, and I have to open it in a new window and close the lower zone every time.

How do I setup this up in Cubase 10?


Nevermind! I went back and gave it one last try, and figured it out:

Edit => Preferences => Editors - Set the drop down to “Double-click opens Editor in a Window”

Problem solved.


You wouldn’t believe how much I appreciate your post, was starting to lose my mind trying to figure this out…
Eternally grateful