Key Editor Independent Track Loop Mode out of sync

This is a difficult issue to clarify because when Independent Track Loop Mode is functioning properly in the Key Editor it does not usually play from the same place as in the project window. (The cursor scrubs the timeline repeatedly within the loop in the Key Editor while it continues linearly in the project window.) However, the play heads (cursor points) on the two timelines should remain in phase with one another. Also, when things are operating as they should, if the cursor in the project window is clicked to a place over the part that’s open in the Key Editor, the cursors will align and play from the same position.

This isn’t the case on my system:

My problem is similar to, but goes further than, this post from 5 years ago.

In addition to the problem described in the link above, in my case:
A) displacement occurs regardless of where the loop ends, on bar start/end, between them, on odd or even bars.
B) if the cursor is placed over the looped part in the project window, it seldom displays in the right place in the Key Editor. When the tracks are auditioned, the events triggered from the key editor are always out of phase with the Project Editor, even when the cursor plays across the looped part in the Project Editor timeline. It makes it impossible to create accompaniment to a part on the Project Timeline without using some variety of “loop to fill.”

To reproduced this problem(reliably on my system, at least):

1)Start new project.
2)Create Instrument Track and load instrument
3)Create Midi Track connected to Instrument track.
4)Record Midi
5)Open Key Editor
6)Activate Independent Track Loop
7)Position Loop Markers
8)Click to position in either key editor or project editor. They won’t line up. When the Timeline is auditioned, The notes in the part will be triggered from the cursor position in the Key Editor, and not from the position on the timeline. Any events recorded to the timeline in sync with those triggered from the key editor won’t be in sync with the rest of the timeline, only with the Key Editor of the part being looped. Ocasionally the two cursors will in fact align as they should (I haven’t been able to reliably reproduce this desired behaviour) when clicked in one or the other timeline, but they will immediately jump out of alignment when play or record are activated.

My national Steinberg rep is mystified by this problem and suggests I try reinstalling my Nvidia drivers without the driver management ware. This would cause some issues on this computer, and risk several more. Before I try it I would like to see if there are others who have experienced this issue or an issue like it in the past and determine if in fact this feature remains an issue since 2011.

In the meantime I must use the various methods of Loop to Fill, which become problematic if there are other events on the same track as the desired loop event.

Cubasae 8.0.20x64, HPZ400, Quadra 2000, 12GB Ram, EWQLSOGold and DarkSide,

It’s worth adding that: after recording to the project editor to accompany the independent-track-looped part, if independent track looping is turned off for that part, the newly recorded events won’t even be in sync with the now-unlooped events.


Couple of years on… similar issue.

Have been Experimenting with Independent track loop this evening and have a very similar behaviour to what you described above.

I tested with an empty project.

2 Instances of Halion 6
1 Audio loop from media bay

I found the following issues.

  1. Timeline on key editor out of sync with timeline on project window.

  2. Turning on independent track loop in instance 1 of hal6 turned it on for instance 2.

  3. Every time I clicked on a different track and then back to a midi part, the track loop would still be on and working but the loop markers would have defaulted back to 0 on the time line. So still working but potentially confusing.

  4. Turned it on in the audio part, clicked to a different track and back to the audio part; and the independent track loop has turned off and is not working at all.

In this current state I find this tool completely unusable. I think this is a real shame as its quite a simple idea and would be really handy for sketching down ideas. I realise I can duplicate midi and audio parts but this way seems far more fun and efficient. It would definitely add to my workflow when writing tunes.