Key editor - Insert Program Change

I can not find a way to insert a program change via the Key Editor (where I can see the notes) other than by making a controller lane for Program Change, making it as large as possible, and then attempting to mouse in program #43 by leaning up close to the screen and clicking just at the right spot. Needless to say, this is not a good solution. Is there a way to use a key command for set location (bar/beat), insert, patch number. Or perhaps set location with a mouse click, then insert patch number with the keyboard.

I imagine something like “CTL-I” P 51 ENTER. Would nsert

atch value 51, done. Next one.

Reading the keycommand list, I see 9 potential key commands for snap type (never gonna use any of them) but nothing for insert program change.


What I would do is draw in the program change event in the automation lane roughly where I want it to be. Then select it and edit it in the info line where you can type in exact position and program change value.

It’s easier than trying to get it spot on with the pencil tool in the automation lane.

misohoza offers an excellent way to do this.

Create a logical editor preset using the Insert function, and assign a keystroke. This inserts a program change at the location of the selected event inside the Key Editor. (you still have to edit the program change number in, say, the info line. You can Tab to the value if ‘Text Input on Left Click’ is selected in Preferences>Editing-Controls)

Filter: Property=Selected
Action: Program Change
Function Insert.

Enter the program change value in the Standard tab in the inspector.
When a value is present there, invoking Freeze MIDI Modifiers form the MIDI menu or a keystroke inserts an event at the beginning of the Track, while Invoking ‘Merge MIDI in Loop’ inserts an event at the beginning of the cycle, aka Locator 1…

(Also, please don’t post duplicates of your questions in multiple forums.)

Thanks for the detailed reply, sounds good! Sorry for double post … what’s best place to post in the case you don’t know whether it’s a feature request or just that you don’t know how to do what needs to be done?

If you are unsure, I’d post in the General forum asking how to do something. Then if the responses indicate you can’t do it (or the method is clunky and you have an improvement suggestion) make a Feature Request in that forum. Frequently folks, especially if the are new to Cubase, think a feature is missing when it’s called something different than they expect, or just plain overlooked. It’s a huge program with lots of features that are easy to loose track of. Even folks that have used it for a long time stumble across new useful stuff in these forums and the manual all the time.