Key editor - is it possible to hear only selected events?

I’m working in the key editor with a lot of instruments.

Is there a way to make a selection in the editor and only hear the selected notes - without leaving the key editor, muting the other events or fiddling with the mixer ? (like in Dorico… )🤔

Strangely enough, I don’t think there is such an option in Cubase.

I think Mute is your only option. But depending on your needs it can be done fairly smoothly.

Some years back I was writing a lot of SATB vocal parts - so each voice was on a different MIDI Channel. In the Logical Editor I created Presets to toggle Mute for each voice and then assigned them to Key Commands. Now I can listen in a loop and flick the voices on & off in any combination - OK, now just the Altos and Tenors…

Along the lines of what Raino is saying, you can solo or mute tracks using Project Logical Presets that are assigned to keystrokes.



(Meta refers to the Windows key)

After some further pondering, it seems like using Logical Editors & Macros could pretty much automate the task. First you’d need a Key Command to unmute everything so you can always get back to a known state.

You could:

  1. Select some Notes
  2. Set the Locators to the current selection (this is for later)
  3. Invert the Selection
  4. Mute the current selection
  5. Move the Cursor to the Left Locator
  6. Start playback
  7. Stop playback (there is a current thread on how to)
  8. Unmute everything

Actually…………there IS a way to do this in Cubase 13.

Next to the ‘S’ for solo in the key editor, there’s a mini-menu/dropdown which allows you to select to solo all parts or only the active part. You only need to switch between editing the active part or all parts and you’re good to go.


omg. I have to get with the program!

Not quite. This way I can only hear the active (or all) part(s). I want to hear selected parts from,say, violins, trumpets, trombone, - and not the other parts.

How do I do that ??

So I’d need a Logical Preset for each part ? - that’s quite a lot if it’s a full symphony orchestra :slight_smile:

With a physical controller… activate / deactivate each desired channel / instrument… without leaving the Key Editor!.. Regardless of the selection…

Of course it would be nice to be able to select some notes corresponding to 3 instruments (example) and mute them all the others!.. Yes, someone expert in Logic Editor come forward!

That’s what you can do. Have you experimented with it?

Edit>Select>Invert or its Key Command. There’s probably some other items in that menu you might find useful.

How long has that been hiding there? I hope it’s only 13 (but I fear it might be 8.5…)

I really wish Steinberg published a comprehensive list of every single change between versions so small but useful features don’t get overlooked.

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Ummm, cough cough

See steps 1, 3 & 4 - no Logical Editor needed

Thank’s raino. This works, and there is already a KC for it :slight_smile: